• Best Phone Cord Ever

    Tired of your cord not being long enough? Our 10 foot cord is the answer! Charge your phone when and where ever you want.Purchase
  • Discover The Essentials.

    Now you can plug in behind the couch, by your bed, in the back of the car, hotel rooms, and more. Great for iPhones or Androids!Purchase
  • High Quality and Stylish.

    Our cords stand out from the rest and is tangle free. Our cord is made for durability, and we guarantee that! Our cords are designed to last a lifetime!Purchase
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iPhone Cords

Fast charging and extra long makes our cords very convenient. Our cords have an aluminum casing that make them virtually unbreakable. Works great on multiple devices or for syncing data.


Android Cords

High quality and ideal for usage anywhere from in the living room to hotel rooms. Don't charge your device from across the room while working, watching tv, or sleeping... it can reach almost everywhere!


Lifetime Warranty

We provide a Lifetime warranty for all of our cords. We are very confident in our cords and have high expectations. It's portable, durable and perfect for a variety of usage.


best phone cord everOur charging cords are the best yet!



Lightweight, durable, and portable..



Designed for being plugged in when you're not close to the wall!.


Lightening Speed

High quality cord that is fast charging with any device..


Free Shipping

We ship all of our cords for free right to your house!.



USB port plugs into any wall plug, car charger, portable charger, computer, etc.



Comes in 4 colors = Purple, White, Blue & Grey.


Lifetime Warranty

We provide a Lifetime warranty for all of our cords. They are designed to last..



We have cords that fit most Apple hand held products and any micro-USB device.


Best Phone CordReliable, Lightening Speed, Durable & Free Shipping!




Our cord was made for you! Whether it's for your smartphone, tablet, reader, music device, GPS or camera device... There are so many reasons to have a 10 foot charging cord.